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Bengals Personality



Almost everyone agrees that a Bengal kitten is really cute! But is the Bengal cat’s personality right for you? Before adopting a Bengal cat, it is better to know more about the temperament and personality of this beautiful breed.


Why does the Bengal cat have a different personality?


The Bengal cat was created by a crossbreeding of the domestic cat and the small Asian leopard. This little leopard from the jungle has left several personality traits to the Bengal cat. But do not be afraid, most Bengal cats have a really affectionate temperament!


What is the Bengal cat’s personality like?


The Bengal cat has an extremely intelligent and active personality. By nature, he is a hunter who loves to play, climb and perch high. You will make him very happy by providing a cat tree and a cat wheel. You can easily teach him a lot of things, such as fetching the ball, and he will rush to you as soon as you call him.  It’s great living with a Bengal cat, but expect to spend time with him. The Bengal cat requires attention. He loves us and wants to spend time with us. And of course, he can be mischievous at his time! But these little creatures are so beautiful and have an adorable personality which helps to forgive them very quickly. Very affectionate, he will lie on your legs or follow you everywhere in the house. You will fall for the personality of the Bengal cat much more than you would ever think!


How is the Bengal cat with children and other animals?


The Bengal cat enjoys the company of children and other animals, even dogs, because their presence puts action in their life. People who do not have children or other animals will decide on having a 2nd Bengal so they can have fun and play together. As the Bengal cat has a hunting instinct, he should not be left alone with small animals like birds, guinea pigs, hamsters or small rabbits.


Do all Bengal cats have a good character?


The answer is no. Their characters and personality traits will vary from one cat to another. The choice of the Breeder is of the utmost importance, since the kitten’s socialization made by the breeder during the first weeks of life will have a direct impact on the future temperament. For a Bengal cat to be kind and affectionate, he must be socialized and be cared for from an early age. Also, kittens often have the temperament of their parents, so it is important to carefully select breeding Bengal cats that have nice personalities.


Temperament is our priority. They are filled with love and attention all day long! They are simply adorable.


Does the Bengal cat like to go outside?


Bengals love the outdoors! The Bengal cat’s favorite activity is watching and listening to birds, so much so that you will need to keep a close eye on the doors and windows of your house. The Bengal cats would love an outdoor enclosure or walk on a leash with a harness, although this make take some training.





  • Where are my servants? I like being entertained

  • Action, bring it on! You will not be bored with me

  • I love children and all other animals because they bring action into my life!

  • Protect the fishes, I love to play with them

  • I like comfort; I wonder where I could take my nap

  • What kind of mischief can I get into today

  • I feel like chatting with my master

  • I need some love, who should I cuddle with

  • It’s forbidden to go there … I wonder why

  • I love to play in the water

  • I will quickly find the highest point in the house so I can perch there

  • I am very active and sometimes even at night

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